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Newnes, Geo.

Newnes, Geo. (Editor) - The Strand Magazine - An Illustrated Monthly ( Bound Vol. II to VI)

Newnes, Geo. (Editor) - The Strand Magazine - An Illustrated Monthly ( Bound Vol. II to VI)

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The Strand Magazine July 1891 till Dec. 1893 bound in 5 Volumes (Vol. II to VI).

The first appearance of the 24 Sherlock Holmes adventures preceeding the first publishing of the books "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" and "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" (according A10 and A14 Green/Gibson).

Including many of the famous original illustrations of Sidney Paget which help form the popular image of Holmes. Also very interesting is the article in Vol. IV about the daily life of Dr. Doyle with photos of him, his wife and his home.

Volume II (July - Dec. 1891)

Adventure I. - A Scandal in Bohemia; Adventure II. - The Red-Headed League; Adventure III. - A Case of Idendity; Adventure IV. - The Boscombe Valley Mystery; Adventure V. - The Five Orange Pips; Adventure VI. - The Man With The Twisted Lip

Volume III (Jan.- June 1892)

Adventure VII. - The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle; Adventure VIII. - The Adventure Of The Speckled Band; Adventure IX. - The Adventure Of The Engineer's Thumb; Adventure X. - The Adventure Of The Noble Bachelor; Adventure XI. - The Adventure Of The Beryl Coronet; Adventure XII. - The Adventure Of The Copper Beeches

Volume IV (July to Dec. 1892)

Article 'A Day with Dr. Conan Doyle' with Photos of him, his wife, his house and his study; Adventure XIII. - The Adventure Of Silver Blaze

Volume V (Jan. to June 1893)

Adventure XIV - The Adventure Of The Cardboard Box; Adventure XV. - The Adventure Of The Yellow Face; Adventure XVI. - The Adventure Of The Stockbroker'Clerk; Adventure XVII. - The Adventure Of The "GLORIA SCOTT"; Adventure XVIII. - The Adventure Of The Musgrave Ritual; Adventure XIX. - The Adventure Of The Reigate Squire

Volume VI (July to Dec. 1893)

Adventure XX. - The Adventure Of The Crooked Man; Adventure XXI. - The Adventure Of The Resident Patient; Adventure XXII. - The Adventure Of The Greek Interpreter; Adventure XXIII. - The Adventure Of The Naval Treaty; Adventure XXIV. - The Adventure Of The Final Problem;

There are many other interesting factual articles in addition to fictional short stories and series of different authors in these books. One example: "Towards The North Pole" by Dr. Fridtjof Nansen.

Books are in very good condition. Some light wear and mild soiling to edges and picture to front. Pages are generally bright and clear,only a few are a little stained.The bindings are tight. A very rare collectable set of the first appearance of these famous stories. Hard to find in this very good condition. All articles are richly illustrated and gives you an overall impression of the english life at the end of the 19th. century.

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